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I am a true indie game developer. I'm the only one running things and creating the games. I use Unreal Engine 4 to create the games. I am a mobile developer by trade. I got into mobile development originally just for something fun to do in my free time. I was able to turn it into a good career. Here's to turning another past time into a new career.


Recent Blogs


Mine Seeker Steam Achievements and Testing

Steam achievements for Mine Seeker are now complete. I will for sure be including these in all games going forward. Along with Cloud game saves and other services Steam offers now that I am more aware of what all they have to offer. Integrating with Steam was a particularly rewarding experience. I currently have 24 achievements players can earn...


New Levels Added and Localization in Unreal Engine 4

Since the last demo I have added another 4 worlds each with 20 more levels. Here are a couple pics of 2 of those worlds both medium difficulty. Three of them have more tiles and mines making it more difficult. So now there is a grand total of 6 worlds available. I have three more to add which will be even higher difficulty...

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