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I am a true indie game developer. I'm the only one running things and creating the games. I use Unreal Engine 4 to create the games. I am a mobile developer by trade. I got into mobile development originally just for something fun to do in my free time. I was able to turn it into a good career. Here's to turning another past time into a new career.


Recent Blogs


Game Development Update - Space Defender: Main Menu Almost Complete

This is the first real update for my latest game which I think I may just call Space Defender. However that may change. It will be a tower deference type of game however where you have to defend your space station from waves of enemy ships...


New Game Announcement

This will be a short update just to announce a new game I will start working on now that Mine Seeker is complete. I'm going in a different direction with this one. Its going to be a mobile game. I'm planning on releasing it only for Android for now...

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